Their broad wire brush offering includes all the basic shapes and configurations: cups, wheels, end brushes and hand brushes – in standard and full cable twist knot, crimped and stringer bead designs. New, attractive packaging clearly explains dimensions, structure, safety and machine usage.

Typical Applications

• Cleaning rust, scale and dirt
• Light deburring
• Edge blending
• Roughening for adhesion
• Finishing for appearance
•  Finish preparation prior to plating or painting

Carborundum Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Catalog – Coated Abrasives
Catalog – Wire Brushes
Catalog – Fibratex Non-Woven
Catalog – Bonded Abrasives
Catalog – Thin Wheels

Rex-Cut Abrasives is the oldest and primary manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive grinding and finishing products in the world. Since 1928, they have been manufacturing a non-woven cotton fabric, uniquely impregnated with abrasive grit. This “impregnating” process, originally invented by their founder Edward Hurst, has been refined over time and continues to comprise the base of their specialized cotton product abrasive line.

Mounted Points

Type 1 Wheels

Type 27 Wheels

Cut-off Wheels

Full Catalog



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